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'Bindergate:' Evidence Obama is Losing?

Phd3 Wrote: Oct 18, 2012 7:01 PM
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Dreadnaught011 Wrote: Oct 18, 2012 7:29 PM

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DevilDog2531 Wrote: Oct 18, 2012 7:06 PM
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Katie and Cortney have already touched on this brewing "controversy," but I suspect the smallness of the issue -- if you can call it that -- is actually indicative of something larger.  The Left's fixation on Mitt Romney's turn of phrase "women full of binders" in the second debate may represent the pettiest and most trivial chapter of this entire campaign.  And yes, I'm fully aware of the fact that we've witnessed multiple attacks centered around Romney's pets.  At first, I viewed "binders" as a transitory lefty internet meme-generator and twitter sensation....