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Ronald Reagan and Conservatives in the Wilderness

phartrich Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 10:56 AM
There is no such thing as income inequality. It is more a case of lack of desire and lack of ambition and drive to build wealth. It is so much easier to feel sorry fpr one self and look to the government to even things out by punishing the successful with higher taxes to feed the insatiable welfare state.

It seems like political conservatives are in the wilderness right now. Having been beaten in the November 2012 elections and fracturing even more since, some are turning on each other.

Reagan has the answers. Recently, I was reviewing some of his speeches because I was looking for nuggets from him on the subject of prayer. He did not disappoint.

Gary Bauer served the Reagan administration in a couple different capacities, including as an adviser on domestic policy. He told me in a recent interview: “Ronald Reagan was very clear what the winning coalition was if you were a conservative. He referred...