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You're too chicken$%&# to come out and say it, though. Right?
Most people expect the rest of the world to be just like them. This dishonest man knows he is dishonest and thinks everyone else is, too. This applies to the political debates of today, as well. When the self-declared conservatives accuse a progressive or even a moderate of something, it means they are doing it themselves. Nowhere is this more evident than on this site, especially with those who comment here 24/7.
The fact that PBS/NPR aren't corporate-owned is the whole point. The people need a voice that does not depend on a boardroom agenda or money-generated ratings. Without it, all you got left is places like... well, this.
"the point of the article is to show the hypocrisy within the Obama Amdinistration's platform." No. The point was to pretend there is a certain of hypocrisy involved that does not actually exist. Also - learn to spell.
More misleading headlines. 'A couple of thoughts'? Hardly.
Well, let's see - Obama's fudged the job numbers, gonna take all the guns away, plans to raise gas prices & will tax the middle class into oblivion. Probably because he's a Muslin spy. Does that sum up your stupid paranoid idiotic beliefs in a nutshell?
Mittens strategy seems to be that if he changes his stance enough times, no matter who criticizes him or when, 'they're lying'.
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