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I look forward to watching the Obama Trials, when Rice and his other minions are held accountable.
I suppose to get amnesty Snowden needs to kill a U.S. Ambassador or CIA employee or security contractor. No need to be overly selective - just so he kills an American in cold blood. Then Susie will come to his defense.
Which facts? The ones we only know about or ones that may be uncovered by challenging every - EVERY - action this administration has and is taking. Don't be a wimp... please.
Outrageous!! This idiot should be removed from his office! Outrageous! I am nauseated by ANYONE saying something like that at such a hearing. Bet he wouldn't say that if the ambassador was his son! Freaking idiot!
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Sigh: The Ongoing Sanford Mess

Phall44 Wrote: Apr 18, 2013 2:42 PM
Yes...walk on. As a man, I feel the need to apologize to Sanford's son. All men - MOST men - are not like this. I know you love your father, as any son should. You will learn from this and, as a result, become a strong father with character making your son or daughter proud. I am sorry this happened to you.
Dear Mr. President, While you are mad at perverted Senate bill being defeated I am LIVID over you allowing the preventable deaths of Americans in Benghazi. You have no moral compass and seem to prioritize your efforts from the bottom up.
Fight the fight, please. You experienced a powerful and dangerous combination: ignorance, authority and disregard for an individual. This policeman should lose his job, to partly ensure he understands the value of his mistakes.
This is what happens BEFORE gun restrictions are in place - and a left-leaning cop sees fit to enforce a law that doesn't exist. For those who wonder why gun owners refuse to budge on any more gun legislation - THIS is the reason.
If the child belongs to the community or state, then obviously so does the adult. I pay taxes, therefore, Ms. H-P, I own you. Please report to my office for duties my family and community will assign to you.
Fire her. No more discussion. Fire her.
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