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Betcha the cast with "I love Obamacare" in the picture above is still on that sad person's arm.
"There's virtually no chance the virus can spread from the hospital's super-secure isolation unit." This statement calls for the U.S. population to rely solely on the people working there to control the actions of every person there, and of every person that knows they are there, and of every person involved in the process of getting the patient there. Sorry guys. Stupid idea.
It is painful to watch people who, through idiocy and living in an urban setting, have not a single clue about the importance or impact of this ruling. They then get angry when someone shoots their spouse and nobody could prevent it.
They can't make an ad defending banning guns because it is not defensible.
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Mrs. Obama's Desperate Plea

Phall44 Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 2:12 PM
While we're at it, impeach her too.
A minimum wage hike doesn't work, but it is not because of "politics", it is a matter of economics. For the left, raising minimum wage is like bouncing on a cloud. "Just take a balloon up there, jump out on a cloud and bounce around on that soft fluffy pillow!" Then, sue the balloon company for taking the idiot up there "letting" them jump out and and make an earthly grease spot. They won't stand for their dream not being reality.
Except for the part where Obama looks stupid.
I think the heads were superimposed onto the bodies for this video.
I learned about my birth through the news.
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