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Obama Talks About "Immigration Rights"

Phall44 Wrote: Sep 02, 2014 9:11 AM
O is an idiot in the first degree. He's done more for the people of Mexico and terrorists of the Middle East than he has for the people that elected him (not to mention those that voted against him). There will be a day when his daughters will say, "I love him, but he embarrassed me and this country."
Proof that being nationally-known has no bearing on common sense. I bet he'd think differently if his daughter was in front of a shooter and he was the only one who defend her. A sad man.
Her permed hair and her entire package should be under ar-rest.
DWS Struggles to Explain Why She Trusts Charlie Crist This is a prefilled headline TH uses: "DWS Struggles to ____________"
"I rather get stopped by ISIS terrorist than Ferguson PD." 1. you wouldn't. 2. Your President is in the process of arranging that right now.
Equal treatment is outrageous. Preferential treatment is beyond comprehension!
Don't be confused. Biden is right. In Biden's hometown, on the planet Mars, granddaughters do not have the same rights grandsons.
Talking points are hard to memorize - vs. having a true belief that you express without them. That's why Big O uses teleprompters. He can't even read from talking points.
Irving pointed to a good idea. The new nail polish, AND get trained, then carry a gun.
Jesse, it would be great if you would use your skills to promote for positive outcomes rather than a never-ending cycle of fear for blacks. You will never achieve what you claim to want by the means and methods you are using.
There's room on the White House lawn for an oval tent isn't there?
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