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Mr. Aaron could certainly see a baseball, but not his manipulators.
To have a radio show you must have the talent to draw an audience on the radio. That is skill-based, not color-based. Stupid article.
60% thinks he lies on important topics. The other 40% KNOWS he does.
Or, ban people. That is the common denominator.
Art, I'm thinking it was the hammer to the head (and therefore unknown additional harm), and not the pizza that brought the gun out. CCW is a very serious responsibility. I think Pizza Man handled it well.
Who's life did you save by giving your own?
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Carney: Obama Never Misled on Obamacare

Phall44 Wrote: Apr 05, 2014 11:48 PM
I feel sorry for Carney's children. They will have to grow up to learn their father was a dishonest man and did things that were hurtful to other Americans. Sad.
His illness began surfacing to the public about seven years ago. Its not getting better. Sad.
Dems rearranging the deck chairs. Move whatever you want. The ship is going down.
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