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Don't be confused. Biden is right. In Biden's hometown, on the planet Mars, granddaughters do not have the same rights grandsons.
Talking points are hard to memorize - vs. having a true belief that you express without them. That's why Big O uses teleprompters. He can't even read from talking points.
Irving pointed to a good idea. The new nail polish, AND get trained, then carry a gun.
Jesse, it would be great if you would use your skills to promote for positive outcomes rather than a never-ending cycle of fear for blacks. You will never achieve what you claim to want by the means and methods you are using.
There's room on the White House lawn for an oval tent isn't there?
You have the capacity to SAVE someone's life in an instant, when you responsibly own and carry a gun. The sick, bad guy is the one that is going to take YOUR life if you are not armed.
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Bernie Sanders 2016?

Phall44 Wrote: Aug 21, 2014 11:54 AM
Denmark. One of the world leaders in industry, technology and its contributions to developing countries to improve their plight.
“No God Would Stand For What [ISIL] Did Yesterday” Well, Mr. President. Then DO something!
I was going to vent my frustration with Hillary, but you guys made me feel better by reading your posts. Thank you.
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