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Not 100%. The Constitution has not been revoked...yet.
Gabby, I am sorry you got shot. However, having been shot does not empower you to increase the chances of your fellow citizens to be shot too. So, shut up.
How about rules - other than me voting in an election - for my representative abandoning the oath to protect my country. THAT, is worth punishment.
O, there is no recovery in this country until you are out of office. Pray that we fill the office with someone who cares about this country (not their version of this country) and has the ability to do the job.
Come on, man! The assignment of hammering a nail could be a good assignment...until it includes hammering the nail into someone else's hand - causing harm. This teacher knew this was foul-play, but thought they could get away with it.
This is not extremely poor judgement! This is extreme Left indoctrination. This is classic Lib approach to all things. Infuriating.
Mr. President, I am sure this family would appreciate some semblance of a strategy on ISIS.
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Obama Talks About "Immigration Rights"

Phall44 Wrote: Sep 02, 2014 9:11 AM
O is an idiot in the first degree. He's done more for the people of Mexico and terrorists of the Middle East than he has for the people that elected him (not to mention those that voted against him). There will be a day when his daughters will say, "I love him, but he embarrassed me and this country."
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