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Well, that's a lot faster than the FBI got to Benghazi. Hey, how about a fundraiser while he's there?!
Just sent to Six Flags. I encourage you to send your on message: You have done one of two things: 1) allowed a few people at your NJ location to determine policy by not allowing a man into your park because he had shirt that said something the guard didn't like, or 2) these people enforced you narrow-minded policy that offends millions of 2nd amendment supporting Americans. Your third accomplishment is the loss of my business, and all those I can influence, to your parks. Please do not respond to this message unless you include an apology and/or your plans to re-train your staff.
If carried through, the perfect stage is set to prosecute Obama.
Get a life, Brand.
From Obama and Holder through the Press Secretary. On trial!
Betcha the cast with "I love Obamacare" in the picture above is still on that sad person's arm.
"There's virtually no chance the virus can spread from the hospital's super-secure isolation unit." This statement calls for the U.S. population to rely solely on the people working there to control the actions of every person there, and of every person that knows they are there, and of every person involved in the process of getting the patient there. Sorry guys. Stupid idea.
It is painful to watch people who, through idiocy and living in an urban setting, have not a single clue about the importance or impact of this ruling. They then get angry when someone shoots their spouse and nobody could prevent it.
They can't make an ad defending banning guns because it is not defensible.
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