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Glad to Meet You

pgt Wrote: Sep 05, 2012 12:53 AM
Roger Ebert, Rachel Maddow and Paul Greenberg tell us Clint Eastwood was awful last Thursday. Going unscripted, he must have been on to something worthwhile even if a partisan hack can't figure out what it was.

Maybe it's a function of what's been called the Information Age, which has become more of a digital data age. We're deluged with bytes, mega- and giga-, but not knowledge. Let alone understanding. As for insight, any hope of that was eclipsed long ago by the klieg-light glare of constant exposure. And over-exposure.

How long has this presidential campaign been going on, half an eternity? And how long has one Mitt Romney been in the news? Even longer. Yet he remains a largely unknown quantity. In part because of his own natural reticence, in part because of the corporate culture...