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Transgender is a mental illness, usually brought on by lousy parenting and it is time we started properly labeling it.
If you are a democrat you support abortion. Read the national platform. Your party consistently supports unrestricted abortion, your personal stance is irrelevant.
Electing Warren to a leadership is hardly a change of direction. More like hitting the gas in the same direction.
That's fine. It is their own foot they are chewing off. The NAACP has become increasingly irrelevant and the younger generations just do not pay that much attention to the whole race issue. Jesse has basically disappeared from the national scene and the rest of that generation will will pass from the scene soon. Hopefully the whole culture of victimhood will go with them! And that will be trouble for the Dems if they don't find additional classes of victims.
All you need to know about Massachusetts is that she is only down 4 points.
You are doing the same thing Chait did and basing your opinion on anecdotal evidence. The fringe exists in both parties and unfortunately tends to be the quickest to open their mouths.
IF you can believe that Grimes position on these issues was in fact her true belief, then she should have run against McConnell in the Republican Primary.
Seriously, why would anyone take this washed up hack seriously?
the irony of this, which seems to be lost on the alarmist side is that their attempts to silence and discredit the skeptics compare quite well to the tactics used by those who sought to silence those who claimed the earth was not the center of the universe and the earth was not flat. Karl Popper pointed out that science advances through disagreement not consensus. Something that the global warming "scientists" seem to have forgotten.
the fact that he can continue to run competitive campaigns does not speak well for the average Florida voter. How senile or uninformed do you have to be to vote for this clown?
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