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Seriously, why would anyone take this washed up hack seriously?
the irony of this, which seems to be lost on the alarmist side is that their attempts to silence and discredit the skeptics compare quite well to the tactics used by those who sought to silence those who claimed the earth was not the center of the universe and the earth was not flat. Karl Popper pointed out that science advances through disagreement not consensus. Something that the global warming "scientists" seem to have forgotten.
the fact that he can continue to run competitive campaigns does not speak well for the average Florida voter. How senile or uninformed do you have to be to vote for this clown?
So she is not exactly the motherly type. No wonder she is such a hero to the pro abort crowd!
The lead was two words too long.
What is baffling about our culture is that half wits like this can find a stage on which to peddle their nonsense.
Lindsey found his cojones! good for him
What happens when government is moved far from the governed. There was a time when local school districts were independent of even the state.
For liberals anyone who disagrees with them is "unsafe and abusive"! The typical lib doesn't just believe his opinion is the correct one, he believes it is the morally superior one, which means if you disagree you are not just wrong, you are evil!
The way to end racism is to quit using race as a measure of anything! As clearly shown by the idiocy that routinely takes place in our schools over anything that looks like a gun even a pop tart, those who run our schools have drunk deeply of the kool aid they serve in academia these days.
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