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you would say: Son, good Americans have to do what is best for our country. We want to thrive and electing a new president at this time is what is best for all of us. Black or white our president deserves support and respect from each of us.
his giveaways are a very simple way of controlling the masses. Remember 2008 when he bought the votes in Chicago by giving the voters kitchen appliances? As admitted on tv by a recipient.
unfortunately Ann Anon, if the obama regime prevails in their efforts to eliminate the amendment for 2 terms and he is re-elected you might have to make that 2020 or beyond. I verified with snopes. Scary
hope you are right, but I heard a report by someone in Ohio that obama was way ahead.
affirmative action is for minorities Robert, you know blacks? Like we are seeing every day. As govenor of Texas George Bush was effective and competent. He kept Texas on a stable footing when other states were not, just as Rick Perry is doing.
right Raymond. I wish Ryan had really told Biden off. But he really had ole Joe and Martha to content with, and mama taught him to be polite. I was both proud of him and dismayed.
cutter is the biggest liar in the Obama camp. she isn't fit to carry water for a peewee league.
she is a hoot. Said she did not know it was to be posted.
oh we all know how Al Boring is right on all issues.
you bet - and we accomplish that how? This is a serious question, I will do what ever is necessary, within reason of course, to change what is happening. I fear we REALLY are becoming a Muslim nation, and with the removal of the 22nd amendment we will have lost control for the rest of our lives.
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Why Rice Resigning, Misses The Point

pgray Wrote: Sep 30, 2012 10:44 AM
there may be something in Hillary that rebels at this cover-up, not that she isn't going along with it but doing so reluctantly.
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