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What Sequester? Unemployment Claims for Federal Workers Drop as D.C. Housing Values Reach “Highest Point in History”

pga301 Wrote: Apr 12, 2013 10:45 AM
The Obama administration isn't interested in cutting fat they are interesting in cutting bone to increase pain on the public. I guess what I am saying is that we shouldn't be surprised the Sequester didn't get rid of the bloat in Washington because that is not what the WH wants to do. They want to keep the bloat for their future Democrat power in Washington so if anything they are insulating it from sequester.

Amidst the rejoicing that “only” 346,000 “seasonally adjusted” people filed for unemployment benefits last week- that’s 353, 973 actual people without the seasonal adjustment- the government admits that in the latest weekly jobs report that fewer federal workers filed for unemployment claims this year than last.

The Department of Big Labor says that in 2012, during the same weekly period as reported this week, 1,159 federal employees filed for unemployment claims while this year only 1,139 federal employees filed for claims.

That’s some sequester, huh.

In fact, the Department of Big Labor admits that the number...