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I wouldn't be surprised if there are thousands of "miscalibrated machines" all over the country this election cycle. Anywhere there is a Democrat in the Secretary of State position, there will be massive voter fraud. Democrats do not believe voter fraud is morally wrong. They believe they are doing the right thing by forcing their Fascist Regime onto a public that is asleep at the wheel. They think Americans are stupid like them. Unfortunately, they have perfected a system where elections are opaque, not transparent, so that they can easily rig elections behind closed doors, with little threat of prosecution.
If it weren't for Poverty Pimpin, Al Shart'on would have no career. Do Pimps pay taxes?
We need to be fighting ISIS in Minnesota. the Libtarded "Diversity" fantasy has helped create a terrorist training camp right here in America. Angela Merkel is right, Diversity is a failed strategy, assimilation is the only way that immigration works.
Department of Injustice will drag it out for years until they think everyone has forgotten, then give the scumbags high paying jobs stealing elections in other states.
He was so convincing of a scumbag that one of the Fascist Socialist Operative Turds even offered him a JOB!!! ONE OF US. ONE OF US. ONE OF US!
Seems like we could just flush this turd!
ALL ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS are over-population problems. China is doing a great thing accept that they are doing it in a very bad way. Every family should stop at 1 child for about 7 generations, until the number of people on the planet is sustainable. there is no environmental solution outside of population control, that will have any effect.
“We value inclusivity and diversity on our campus, and all our events and activities are going to adhere to our mission,” That is unless you are a Christian, then you are banned from campus. Val Wyatt and her crew of are just another gang Repugnant Fascist Socialist Twats!
That's the biggest lie yet, from this Fascist Regime. There is nothing they cannot find a way to politicize.
My company votes with our dollars. We already avoid union goods and services like they are Ebola. We will never purchase any goods or services from any company that supports the Fascist Socialist Progressive Democrats in this attack on the rule of law, and on hard working middle class and unemployed Americans and lawful immigrants.
What is the point of trying to educate Jesse Venture? Would you teach physics to a dog turd?
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