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What he is really saying is... "we won't do anything about it if you come here illegally, and we will do everything we can to make it as comfortable as possible when you get here, and we will try turn you into legal fascist socialist voters as quickly as possible, and we don't care that you are destroying the middle class wage in our country, but DON'T COME HERE... hint . hint . wink . wink . you know what I'm saying?!"
It is time to arm the boa5rder patrol with Stinger Missiles. If Obama-Commie and Shrillary-incompaClinton willing to let them fall into the hands of terrorists all over the world, we should be keen to use them to maintain our national sovereignty as well.
It is far more likely that DHS will be setting out a welcome mat for more illegals. This crisis is created by the fascist progressive movement to overwhelm our border. there is no reason to believe Ocommie or the fascist left suddenly gained a moral compass and is willing to obey our laws.
To politicians and mental midgets.
We need a constitutional amendment forcing an audit of the government every 2 years, to be released 1 month before election day.
It does take a level of evil, to be able to lie with a straight face like that. Obama is expert at it, so was Ted Bundy.
A theory is something people believe before there are facts to support it. Carney's name is on the evidence, he was cc'd on the email, he knew it was a cover-up all along. I would be completely shocked if Carney ever told the truth about it.
Ooh, but nowhere near as stupid as his Vice President utters on a weekly basis...Anyone else think that is an intentional paradigm? It protects Obama, to have a functionally retarded successor?
Where Libertarians will gather to urinate on it's grave.
Since Obama's election, Democrats have done 3 things, line their own pockets as quickly as they can, while the hold a solid majority. Misuse public funds, creating as many massive vote buying scheme they can imagine, so they can remain in the majority. Pay off every Democratic donor from China, to Saudi, to Wall Street, so there is dirty money for the next election.
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