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Every of Obama's actions support Radical Islam in it's fight against western Civilization. Obama invites the Muslim brotherhood radicals to the White House time after time but will not take a moment to meet with our greatest ally in the region, Israel. Obama has dragged his heals in supporting any action against ISIS when we have a long term natural Ally in the Kurdish People, who are making gains against ISIS without any support. If Obama is anti Muslim Terrorist, he is incapable of showing it, while his disdain for Western Civilization is overwhelmingly obvious.
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Quit Wasting Time on Moore, Maher & Dean

pfogg Wrote: Jan 29, 2015 11:04 AM
We all know these summers eve dispensers hate America, stop acting surprised when they prove it!
The Obama administration has put the interests of Radical Islamic Terrorists ahead of the interests of Western Civilization at every opportunity. The Bergdahl swap was a perfect example, 5 high ranking enemy terrorists released back to the war zone to murder American and coalition troops... and what did we get for that scum? More scum!
We can wait for her to go read up on the IRS case, we will be here when she gets a clue!
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Early Presidential Prospects

pfogg Wrote: Jan 21, 2015 4:44 PM
Obama's lecture last night is almost certainly an attempt to lay groundwork for an Elizabeth Warren Presidential Campaign. While Hillary Clinton is out today, talking up some of his socialist utopian ideas, the policies he outlined are solidly targeting the true believers, those who reject American exceptionalism, and want to create a massive federal Welfare State. Clinton and mainstream democrats know this foolishness will never fly, Republicans see it for what it is, another massive vote buying scheme, an attempt to cleave a chunk of the reliably responsible middle class into a new victim voter block.
Every voter should expect transparency from his or her representative. If your representative was in this meeting, you should be demanding the truth about their "strategy" at town halls and via fax or phone calls to their offices.
Though Carter was an awful president and is about as stupid as a retarded howler monkey, He is a genius compared to Obama.
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War On Women: Is It Over?

pfogg Wrote: Oct 28, 2014 6:20 PM
The war on women isn't over until democrats stop trying to get all up in women's vaginas as a campaign ploy! It seems like the entire Democratic party should have done better in school if they are so desperate to be everyone Gynecologist!
Blacks in America suffer from the same problem that immigrants who refuse to integrate suffer. Most of them live in a parallel society that has limited access to the mainstream economy. "The Blacks Community" is a parallel universe, just like the many "little Tijuana ghettos" that illegal immigration create now. It's because so many blacks have chosen to shun mainstream society. There is nothing racist about Americans who choose to live in mainstream society, and shun the parallel societies of non-integrated immigrants. It's almost always a matter of economics and choice. Members of mainstream society CHOOSE to participate in the greater economic strength and opportunity of mainstream society. Blacks, or any racial group that separates itself and creates its own parallel society, is CHOOSING to shun the opportunity and economic strength of mainstream society, they are not being denied anything by anyone. Diversity is a sham! Ask any Marine... UNIFORMITY makes us stronger.
I wouldn't be surprised if there are thousands of "miscalibrated machines" all over the country this election cycle. Anywhere there is a Democrat in the Secretary of State position, there will be massive voter fraud. Democrats do not believe voter fraud is morally wrong. They believe they are doing the right thing by forcing their Fascist Regime onto a public that is asleep at the wheel. They think Americans are stupid like them. Unfortunately, they have perfected a system where elections are opaque, not transparent, so that they can easily rig elections behind closed doors, with little threat of prosecution.
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