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This is so disheartening.....I liked don't ask, don't tell better....homosexuality is not "normal"....a subjective word, but it's not the majority of the population, it's under 10%. I'm tired of the majority being forced to bow down to the minority. This is so so wrong....on many topics.
And this comes from the man who, when campaigning the first time for President said, quote: "I am a devout Christian" By thier fruits you will know them.......
My ex boyfriend said ALCOHOL was his gateway drug. He did not smoke cigs, only pot if I had some. As far as driving, you'd get pulled over for going too SLOW before anything else....just hit cruise control to keep up Gov't needs to change the classification for pot, alcohol is way worse.
WOW really? Becuase I've come across many many black people, strangers i didn't even know, who treated me like I was completely invisible, so this comes as a surprise to me.....chris Mathews is an ignorant fool.....there is racism in ALL races.
Dear God, this is so depressing.
T= TAXED E= ENOUGH A= ALREADY.............we will mind.
The 2nd amendment was provided so that we could take up arms agains our own tyrancial gov't if need be. This is why gun sales are UP, and have been for a great deal of time. I agree we should seceed, those of us who know we can lead better. Why should we follow those who are going over a cliff?
I don't even want to HEAR it. The "vast majority" re-elected Obama, so now we deserve what we get!!
Propagantists ya mean !!!
"This has nothing to do with Benghazi"............my rear end!!!!!
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