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We May Have a PTSD Vaccine Soon

Petrus64 Wrote: Dec 15, 2013 10:58 PM
This is a mental challenge. A vaccine isn't the answer. Most vaccines do more damage than they do good overall.
What obstruction? This was all on the HHS. How do you find time to type while down on your knees?
Loinfo...the bungling was by the WH first. btw, Morsi's wife is blabbing about Hillary to Turkish Media... good luck with that. It's not good.
Now that the gay marriage thing was conquered, Massachusetts is trying to decriminalize Beastiality.... No slippery slope? Sure...
People for the Eating of Tasty Animals...
Sounds like a new type of skeet shooting has just been invented... Do the PETA Libturds actually believe no one will shoot down their toys?
They've loosened up a bit. As long as you keep it subtle, then it goes over their head half the time.
Call them the Obama Thinskins. A legacy to the liberal loons. (in case anyone was wondering, spend my online time beating up liberals at huffpo these days).
Equal Protection under the law means we all get a waiver... btw, anyone catch Dirty Harry's excuse as to why they're exempt?...Because it's written in the law... No sh-t Sherlock. You idiots wrote the law.
" You don't think Obama had this outcome as a bullet point on his list of scenarios?" You really believe O has the ability to think that far ahead? He's playing checkers when the game is Chess. And besides, the reality is the rebels likely fabricated the gas attack (there's been reports that they took children hostage to kill and use as media tools)... Again, some news from outside your bubble, loass;
So now, it appears that Russia and the UN say the gas attack was in fact a fabrication... Obama got punked in more ways than one.
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