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Petronia Wrote: Jun 06, 2012 4:09 AM
To the heartbroken dude in the video: how much do you think the unions have spent in this recall attempt, or even in the months before, when they imported all the rent-a-mobs from out of state? Right. The Democrats forced a recall, and Scott Walker bought the win. Absolutely absurd. Still getting emails from the AFT going on and on about Walker's 'failed policies' and why he deserves to be fired. Fortunately, critically thinking voters in WI didn't accept that bilge.

The long, costly, acrimonious recall saga is over.  NBC, CNN, and Fox News have all called this race.  For the second time in two years, the people of Wisconsin have elected Scott Walker.  He is, and will remain, the state's governor.  This outcome is a triumph for Badger State conservatives, the Tea Party movement, and fiscal sanity generally.  Though the Left will spin this defeat furiously, make no mistake: They are crestfallen tonight.  Their bete noir has prevailed.  Again.  Their relentless efforts, vociferous protests and millions of dollars have gone for naught.  Wisconsin voters have explicitly endorsed Governor Walker's...