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Rabbit trail: The 'flat earth' jab is an irrelevant one anyway. Even the folks in the so-called 'dark ages' knew the earth was round! But folks who aren't here to defend themselves are perfect targets for intellectual bigots, and people keep using it as an insult to belittle their opponents. The liberal intelligentsia (and anyone else reaching for that misapprehended comparison) need to find a different cheap shot.
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Deport the Tsarnaev Sisters

Petronia Wrote: Sep 03, 2014 4:27 AM
Wow, that Ailina ain't a very good Muslim, is she?
This isn't the first time stuff like this has happened. Why are these people, always targets of scandalmongers, even taking such photos and STORING them on their computers? Seems to me there's an obvious solution. Not that what the hackers are doing isn't wrong, but duh!
True--ignorance of the law is no excuse, and your point is well taken, gun ownership is serious business. Why could they not fine her and be done with it?
*'doesn't need fathers'; 'higher on the liberal list of priorities'
I think perhaps the point is that the case is instructive---in liberal thought, women don't need men (or guns!), the black community doesn't fathers, and black single mothers are contemporary earth-goddesses. The fact that this woman may be made an example of proves that gun control is higher on their list of priorities than preserving their 'we love victimized-yet-somehow-liberated women' image. I don't think the writer would have advocated throwing the book at any law-abiding citizen with a CC permit in a case like this.
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Islamic Terror in the UK

Petronia Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 12:29 PM
Remember that this is a religion that claims 1 billion adherents, and that they are not all the same. Christians would not appreciate being judged based solely on the actions of fanatics (whom moderates would say are not 'true believers' in the first place). Plenty of Muslims know that there is a problem with the extremists in their camp; should they be more vocal in opposing them? Yes. But they have a spectrum of doctrines and adherents in their faith just like the other world religions. The depraved will find any way to excuse their behavior--contemporary Islam just happens to offer a lot of excuses for those who look for them. Sinners of every stripe need Jesus; in the meantime, victims of crimes deserve justice.
"Responsible sex without apology!" Oops, I forgot, these radical pro-choicers apparently don't believe we women should have to think and make choices *before* getting physical. That's empowerment, or something.
"in flee of"?
So glad Townhall is keeping Israel close to the fore of discussion. Living here on the other side of the Atlantic, I can't get away from the pro-Palestinian marches, BBQs and propaganda.
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