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'Gullible and stupid'? Perhaps. But they were under a hell of a lot of pressure to give in to these so-called 'underdogs' by all the liberals in the west (because any conflict, they insisted, was Israel's fault). I think it was a desperate hope that the Palestinians would finally behave, or that the world would then see them for what they are. The Palestinians aren't, and the rest of the world doesn't.
It all comes down to the fact that Hamas and many Palestinians want the destruction of Israel more than they want their own nation to flourish. When you hate the enemy more than you love your own people, peace won't cut it for you.
Well, Meriam Ibrahim is married to an American and, I'm fairly certain, gave birth to an American baby while in jail. Both she and Tahmooressi need to come higher up the White House's list than golf, and, say, the Muslim Brotherhood.
And...I thought Stewart was supposed to be brilliant or something; she wasn't talking about income inequality, she was talking about lack of opportunity. Those are two very different issues, and perhaps his conflation of them says something about the way he thinks.
"It was on the third floor of our house...for which we had such a hard time getting financing...and all..."
C'mon guys, can we cut it with the oddball mixed metaphors/colloquialisms in the columns? Difficult to know whether it's on purpose....
I've heard other remarks like this ('Angry, low intellect [sic]' and 'So child like' [sic]) from low-information folks who don't understand the movement--you know, like 'Tea partiers probably hit people who wear glasses.' They've no clue that the vast majority of tea partiers are people who can think for themselves, analyze and articulate arguments, and resist newspeak. Indeed, there are a lot of us with *cough* advanced degrees...doctors, lawyers, academics, businessmen... perhaps the worst part is the pavlovian cry of 'racist!', since one would only have to see photos from tea party gatherings and READ things not on MSNBC to know that the group is diverse. People of the tea party are united by ideas and dedication to liberty, not by color.
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Slavery Reparations

Petronia Wrote: Jun 18, 2014 5:00 AM
Rodney Stark, in his new-ish book (How the West Won), traces the decline of slavery in Europe during the Middle Ages thanks to the rise of the Church and the Judeo-Christian tradition in the West (particularly on pp 121-5 [I don't necessarily agree with the doctrine he singles out as the cause of slavery's demise; I think it was a different teaching. Still, his treatment is enlightening]). Slavery was a moral issue for the Medievals, and Europe was basically slavery-free by 1100. It was the slave-trade carting people to the Americas (via Britain's great ports) that triggered the birth of the abolitionist cause, first in Britain and then in North America. Recommend the book, if anyone's interested!
I thought feminism was about empowering women. Certainly this reaction is proof they don't understand human nature. Some people are going to do bad things, even when they're know those things are wrong. Simply educating the would-be baddies is not going to help their victims.
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The Continuing Obamacare Nightmare

Petronia Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 3:44 AM
Get used to it, America. The NHS is coming to your town...
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