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Tortured Reasoning

Petronia Wrote: Dec 16, 2014 7:42 AM
An important distinction that's too infrequently made.
Yeah, one can say that all of Australia is a gun-free zone. News here in the UK is that the police will 'try to resolve this peacefully', so that sniper Stan wrote about may not get the chance...
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What Obama's Ferguson Sermon Left Out

Petronia Wrote: Nov 26, 2014 10:53 AM
It's the typical left irrationalism in the 'We hate the police so let's burn the town' that gets me. I assume many of the people who run and work in the many burned businesses were not cops. And I assume they are not all white.
Well, we were probably paying for the college tuition of some of them while they were in OWS camps stealing one another's iPads.
Problematic in some cases, since many of these brave freedom fighters wear masks or bandannas over their faces. Hrm, kind of like those brave Islamo-fascist terrorists. Evil is the same all over.
Wasn't Obama supposed to be the answer to all these problems?
Don't you want to 'make the change' now?
You're right about this being an outlet for former OWSers--apparently some of these rioters were bused into Ferguson from Oakland, which in my opinion had the worst OWS contingent of them all.
Blame is being laid at the doors of the wrong whites--the cause of so much of this is the breakdown of the black family, and at the heart of that is the Welfare State. It's the egghead condescending do-gooders whose homes need to be stormed, not the police, who are present in response to violence, not to cause it.
Sounds like the reactions of rioters, the NAACP, perhaps the family, are to reject the findings. Sure, grand juries can make mistakes, but this grand jury heard so much evidence, and knew how much flak they'd get for deciding not to press charges, and they DID IT ANYWAY. But at this stage in our democracy, people are unwilling to accept the results from the working of the system, especially when they can't manipulate it or break it down to get what they want.
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