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I know Bush is a big-government progressive. But at least he and Laura have class. And self-respect--there were things they wouldn't do and wouldn't say (even if certain things probably should have been said). Obama knows no limits.
'Reverend Al'. The only thing he considers sacrosanct is his cause, and hang Truth if it doesn't fit his narrative. As the friend of many pastors, I can say Sharpton sullies the title.
You don't need to engage in the marketplace of ideas if you can pull tasteless stunts with sure shock value. This sort of thing gets your own side stirred up and foaming at the mouth, while the other side is disarmed by the unexpected. And because decent people can't even relate, they're dumbfounded as to how to respond to something that's both astonishingly uncivilized as well as superficial.
Not only do they hate men, but you learn plenty about how they value themselves, the girls to whom they fed the lines, and other women generally--only as cardboard cutouts with slogans and lady-bits tattoos.
Shame Galileo was credited for more than he ought to have been, after ripping off other people's research.
Conservative talking to Liberal from Mass.: Well done, Commonwealth of Massachusetts! First to affirm gay marriage. I'm sure the Adams brothers would have been proud. L. from M.: Yeah... Who?
Whoops, 'oppose', not 'opposes'.
The President certainly behaves as though he were a terrorist sympathizer, but calling him a Muslim is like insisting on Nancy Pelosi's counting as a good Roman Catholic. They stand for the moral degradation traditional Christianity and moral Islam opposes, and therefore also embody the decadence radical Islam hates about the West. We need to stop calling Obama a Muslim--the objects of his religious fervor are liberalism and himself.
At first I thought, 'Why is anything Piers Morgan says newsworthy?', but now, well, any time an unquestioning zealot begins to change his tune, there's hope!
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Petronia Wrote: Sep 30, 2014 8:39 AM
Oh gee, I wouldn't have expected that horrible, falsehood-festooned Coke ad with the polar bear cubs to be foisted on me here--I guess that's the price to pay for reading Townhall in Europe!
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