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Your Energy Vote--Scarcity or Abundance

petroleum engineer Wrote: Apr 23, 2012 2:21 PM
There needs to be some clarification of the Institute for Energy Research comment that the remaining oil of the US is 1.4 trillion barrels of oil (TBO). Actually the 1.4 TBO is the amount of oil in place - not recoverable. Only a portion of this is recoverable in fact: there are around 20-22 BBO of proved reserves (90% certainty), another 127 recoverable reserves by using enhanced recovery techniques (certainty 50%). There are other numbers floating around, but his is in the ball park. Our oil resources are a different matter - undiscovered technically recoverable - 190 BBO, shale oil - UT,CO, WY - bewteen 1.440 and 2.175 TBO. Recovery of resources is never estimated and the shale oil is highly questionable.

With our Presidential candidates clear, there's no better issue to contrast our choice than energy policy. At, Romney provides an energy plan for the future that balances economic growth and jobs, diversified energy development, and realistic environmental safeguards. His approach stresses a rational and streamlined approach to regulation, approval of the Keystone Pipeline, and opening America's vast energy resources for development. By freeing companies to capitalize on our oil, natural gas, nuclear, and alternative energy options, America can stimulate economic growth and provide sustainable energy jobs.

In addition to putting conservative principles in action, Romney hopes to contrast...