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Tyrannical Twins

petroleum engineer Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 11:32 AM
Dynarider - you just wrote - "Prelude to WWIII". Obviously, you are not a student of history.
Earl29 Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 9:21 PM
Let us negotiate and reach common ground and then without warning nail them. Just a dream. We don't operate that way.
IndeePendent Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 5:24 PM
Dynarider is right. We should "reach out with caring and compassion to those who hate and dispise us." We should begin a concilliatory dialog with regimes who are planning our destruction. With a little empathy and a little understanding we could all become best friends. And then when we have reached common ground and the possibility of open hostilities has been removed........we will be attacked without warning......again. (Google WWII, Pearl Harbor, Phillipines, etc.)
Dynarider Wrote: Feb 22, 2013 12:01 PM
WWIII is already happening, open your eyes. its time to do something that will protect our own country! We are the forceful ones and MANY MANY other countries hate us for it.
WASHINGTON -- Last year, the Obama administration announced to the world that it was planning to pursue a new Asia/Pacific-oriented national security strategy. Since then, North Korea has countered with a strategy of its own. In December, Pyongyang successfully launched a multistage intercontinental ballistic missile capable of carrying a warhead-sized payload to the U.S. mainland. On Feb. 12, the North Koreans tested an improved-design nuclear weapon.

After the test, Pyongyang announced that despite tightened United Nations sanctions that theoretically went into force last month, its latest nuclear test bolstered its defenses against U.S. "hostility." In a lengthy broadcast on the communist dictatorship's...