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The President Knows the Benefits of Keystone XL, But Will He Act?

petroleum engineer Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 12:17 PM
Ideologues are not logical thinkers. I suspect that the XL project will remain in limbo while O and his cronies investigate more important issues - vacations, golf tours, White House dinners, better photo ops, and the like. Of course, it is complete stupidity to waste this much time investigating a well-known and proven technology. A 3rd grader could figure out the potential envrionmental damage created by a pipeline - so close to zero that calculations are not necessary. However, incompetent govt. officials will play footsie with the project. The EPA will need time to develop & publish several thousand new pipeline regulations, & time to hire enforcers. All the while, we Americans will get closer & closer to a real energy crisis.

The election was more than a month ago and many in Washington and around the country are still scrambling to break out their divining rods and polish off their crystal balls. There are still many unanswered questions about the direction of President Obama’s next term, particularly how it will govern on energy policy. Will the President embrace the economic engine of energy production, or will he side with the climate change lobby and move to support a cap and trade program like the one California just put into place? Based on the campaign rhetoric of the last year, it’s hard to...