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Obama's Soros-Controlled Energy Council

petroleum engineer Wrote: May 11, 2012 1:00 PM
Being a petroleum engineer/geologist with domestic & foreign experience going back to 1948 I feel I can speak with siome authority on the subject of energy - especially natural gas and oil. The explosion in development of natural gas reserves is taking place in numerous sedementary basins where shale bodies contain natural gas - enormous amounts. However, what percentage will be commercially recoverable, over what period of time is still a big question? How long will well commercial productive rates last in these new gas wells? Today, no one knows. Therefore, we must proceed with caution in predicting the future of both natural gas and crude oil unconventinal reserves. No. Dakota has unconventional oil reserves, not gas.
petroleum engineer Wrote: May 11, 2012 1:07 PM
Continuing with my earlier comments - Who in the Obama stable of cronies has the knowledge and ability to even talk intelligently about oil and gas reserves? Their conjured up epistles are as much ignorance as lies. However, what difference does it make - they are so destructive of the free entreprise system that all of their jabber is destroying our counrty in more ways than just energy. See my blog- Recent e-book - The Sky Will NOT Fall - Unmasking the Green Revolution - available Amazon, Barnes & Noble
When politicians want to look busy while avoiding tough decisions during an election year, what do they do? They form commissions and councils.

And when President Barack Obama saw Americans struggling with higher gasoline and home energy prices, did he encourage more domestic oil exploration, off-shore drilling, or coal production, while lowering taxes on energy? Of course not. After all, with political observers expecting a close presidential race this year, Obama needs the financial and institutional support far-left environmental groups. The result has been the President anointing certain energy sources - such as wind and natural gas - as...