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Even More Unrest in Egypt

petroleum engineer Wrote: Jan 30, 2013 4:58 PM
We are fighting a war on terroism, which is led by millitant Islamists. Is anyone still foolish enough to believe Obama and Clinton's declaration that we had Al Qaida on the run. How about the other 50 or so groups of militant Islamists? This whole thing is spreading. It is not being contanined. www.energycrisis12@blogspot for discussion of militant Islam.

India-Pakistan: Update. Cross-border bus service between India and Pakistan in the central Poonch sector of the Line of Control in Kashmir resumed on the 28th. Authorities suspended bus service and cross-border trade after clashes along between Indian and Pakistani security forces earlier in January. Officials said 64 passengers from Pakistan crossed to India while 84 went in the other direction on the bus service from Poonch to Rawalakot.

This is tonight's good news.

Egypt: Security. Large protests continued for a...

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