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Marie150 - as I pointed out - it makes no difference where your ae located - the good ole boy system is destroying our Republican party. Very few of our states have a viable GOP that represent the PEOPLE.
Continuing - we must clean up the GOP hierarhy on the local and state levels are we will find ourselves livng in a Socialist. Democrats have a tendency to vote in mass withosut too much thought about REASONS. If it is a Democrat - vote for him - felon, incompetent, undeducated or what! Republicans are not usually lead around like sheep, proving we must clean up local level politics in the GOP
What's new about the GOP hierarchy anywhere? I served some 40 years ago as a member of a State Republican party. I was a guy from out of the audience that gave a farly large sum of money to the pary. Boy, what I learned about the inner workings of Party politics. It is all old crony relationships - "Good old Joe is the nephew of Govenor sos and so. He can bring in votes." or "Annabelle's grandmother was wifer of Senator DSo and So back in the 50s. Give her a committe post". After 2 years I threw i the twoel and have never given a dime to the GOP since - I pick my candidates. The Tea Party is the answer to cleaning up the trah in the GOP. I am sure the same patteern exists in the Democratic Party, however, their mold is different
Yes - yes - yes. We are headed down the same destructive path. I agree - dismantle the Dept. of Education and reinstate an EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM that WORKS.
Common Core is a cancerous disease affecting education. Mediocrity is the new norm for eductiion on the grade and high school levels. Mediocrity breeds lowering everything to that level - result failure of the system. History is vital to good citizenship - now the Libs & leftist have rewritten it. The eradication of real history has been underway for some time. Eliminating math & science from the high school curriculum is criminal. However, even worse is looking at our colleges and universities - left leaning professors whose expertise is in social science are filling our children's heads with gallons of baloney. Thank God, many parents are going to home schooling.
My level of confidence in the Congress is the same as yours, John1464. Smoke and mirrors will b e sold as REALITY.
I couldn't agree more.
Right - there is FAT everywhere in the Federal, State and local governments. Of course, the worse offender by far is the Federal goverrnment. I amsure that 10% applied to the right places would not even be felt. In fact, 25% might be closer.
We, the American people, have cut our budgets by more than 3% for several years. Thanks to the incompetence and corruption within the Obama admisistration and a spineless Congiress it will be one helluva lot more in the future.
Sequester hysteris is just another big big lie. Therefore, it can easily be sold as the truth to the underinformed, the uniformed and those on the DOLE. The armed services can shift funds around to take care of the 3% cut - it would not require a salary cut,or not deploying the USS Truman. I think the major part of the cut cut be made in the BLOATTED bureaucracy and never be felt. In fact, there must be thousands of places that need to be cut - Congress is one that stands out.
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