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Unfortunately 50% of our population will buy into his BS. He is the most dangerous man we've ever had in the White House, because he is incompetent, inept, foolish, and has a out of control academic mindset. He is not the academic, but he has surrounded himself with those who are - yes, fools with no commonsense.
I am convinced that ISIS is a serious threat to the region, the US and the world in general. However, we seem to be taking our eyes off the ball - In my opinion, Iran is an even bigger threat. In fact, the whole Middle East is aflame, but our idiot politicians who are supposedly in charge, do not recognize the winds of war are blowing harder and harder. My experience in the Middle East goes back to 1949. I add to this - this morning I talked with a close friend of many years who is Turkish and resides in Ankara. Yilmaz agrees with my analysis and also made the following comment - both our countries are in the hands of incompetents who refuse to listen to the military. He is absolutely correct - Obama is an incompetent, inept, lazy fool.
Hoping that things change completely in the Middle East is wishful thinking. Politicians set aside land for an Israeli state. Many Palestinians lost everything in the process. However, the Israeli nation was formed and succeeded - it is a REALITY. Israelis do not want war, but 65 years go politicians drew borders and the Palestinians had no choice. This obviously stirred the pot of a deep seated hatred between the Arabs and Jews. I, for one, think it is time to burry the hatchet and get on with the business of living in peace. However, I am an American Christian and my thoughts amount to a big ZERO. I have many friends who are Jewish and Arab. Arabs remain hostile to any idea of peace - it is deep-seated.
No wonder we need more funds for education. Interesting to discover that support staff is so vital to educaation. Al these years I thought teaching was more important. Now I find that the liberals and union leaders are in charge of damned near everything in educatiion, including rewriting history books and civics books. Moreover, that science and math just confuses students. Let's concentrate on those subjects like sociology and psychology that are vital to improvement of our capitalizrt system. God Help Us as we follow the Roman decline curve.
I disagree - the Republican Primary candidates beat Romey - they crucified one another, giving tons of material to the Demos. The liar in chief used it contiually and the news media verified it claiming it was true. They used every tactic they could muster to lie about Romeny. Blame the GOP hierarchy is easy, but the truth lies with the new media and an uinformed, under informed, and entitlement mentality. In closing, yes,a lot of blame lies with the GOP hierarchy, too.
Marie150 - as I pointed out - it makes no difference where your ae located - the good ole boy system is destroying our Republican party. Very few of our states have a viable GOP that represent the PEOPLE.
Continuing - we must clean up the GOP hierarhy on the local and state levels are we will find ourselves livng in a Socialist. Democrats have a tendency to vote in mass withosut too much thought about REASONS. If it is a Democrat - vote for him - felon, incompetent, undeducated or what! Republicans are not usually lead around like sheep, proving we must clean up local level politics in the GOP
What's new about the GOP hierarchy anywhere? I served some 40 years ago as a member of a State Republican party. I was a guy from out of the audience that gave a farly large sum of money to the pary. Boy, what I learned about the inner workings of Party politics. It is all old crony relationships - "Good old Joe is the nephew of Govenor sos and so. He can bring in votes." or "Annabelle's grandmother was wifer of Senator DSo and So back in the 50s. Give her a committe post". After 2 years I threw i the twoel and have never given a dime to the GOP since - I pick my candidates. The Tea Party is the answer to cleaning up the trah in the GOP. I am sure the same patteern exists in the Democratic Party, however, their mold is different
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