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Colorado GOP Elects Former “Fugitive from Justice” as Party Chair

petroleum engineer Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 12:06 PM
Continuing - we must clean up the GOP hierarhy on the local and state levels are we will find ourselves livng in a Socialist. Democrats have a tendency to vote in mass withosut too much thought about REASONS. If it is a Democrat - vote for him - felon, incompetent, undeducated or what! Republicans are not usually lead around like sheep, proving we must clean up local level politics in the GOP
DariusIII Wrote: Mar 05, 2013 5:51 PM
Clearly the Colorado GOP is in a hopeless condition. Since the usual arguments against a intra-party revolution or a third party imply "but things will get worse..." and this is no longer the case, it seems like now is a time for "Avante a Bastille" and chuck the b...s out.

Memo to the leaders of the GOP:

Wise up.

The dysfunction in the national GOP was on display in Colorado over the weekend; and oh, boy, what a mess.

If conservatives ever win an election again in Colorado it will be only by mistake. 

Incumbent chair, Ryan Call, was re-elected 272 votes to 158 over a well-known challenger who had previously served as chairman in one of the metro counties.

I know both men and took no part in the fight.

By way of disclosure, however, I should say that the challenger served with me as vice chair when I was...