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Media Hides Auschwitz of the Innocents

PETERTIMBER Wrote: Apr 15, 2013 8:47 AM
"and how you end up with a press corp that went all-in for the supposed "war on women"-having to be ashamed and harassed-by two writers in particular, KRISTEN POWERS in USA Today and MOLLIE ZIEGLER HEMINGWAY of GetReligion-into paying attention to the girsly case of a Philadelphia doctor whose methods of late-term abortion included snipping the spines of neonates after they were delivered........."NYTimes, BALANCE AND BIAS, Sunday Review, April 14, 2013, page 11, col 1

Our professional talking class wasn’t particularly interested in an infanticidist butcher with an astonishing rap sheet: He gave preferential treatment to whites over blacks; he infected women with venereal diseases from dirty equipment; dealt drugs on the street out of his clinic; employed unqualified teens to serve patients and administer drugs; taught them how to snip infant spines with scissors; and he coldly, savagely killed hundreds of born, viable babies, while negligently killing at least one mother.

In the end, the “House of horrors” was brought down inadvertently by a federal drug bust.

The indictment against...