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Idiots All

PETERTIMBER Wrote: Nov 23, 2012 11:34 AM
Why can't we keep our savings for our old age to add to whatever our social security/pension? We save by denying ourselves spending foolishly or in excess so we can enjoy a better retirement and pay for our burials??? I read where Obama wants to take away our 401K's and retirement savings to give away to people who never saved a dime and who spent every penny they earned without a thought for tomorrow. No matter how poor you can always save something. Obama wants the 3.7 trillion tied up for retirement....even the Greeks get to keep their savings!

We’ve already established that no one will go to jail over $40 billion turfing of the brokerage firm MF Global, one of history’s largest bankruptcies.

MF Global died by the hand of the former Jon Corzine, the former golden boy at Goldman Sachs, the former Senator, the former Governor, the former Obama guru with a master’s degree from the University of Chicago; the sage with the Sixties beard wrapped in a custom-made Burberry suit and tie.