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Dave Says Cash is Your Umbrella

PETERTIMBER Wrote: Dec 11, 2012 10:23 AM
do what they did before ww11 fresh food,no restaurants save for hoilidays,buy it new, use it out,make it do, do without. They also used to put wrapping paper in leather shoe soles before having them repaired or until the rain soaked the paper and wet your socks........Thden the Japs bombed pear lharbor and we lost our souls....

Dear Dave,

Our son is graduating from high school next spring. We’ve saved cash to pay for his first year of college, and we have enough in mutual funds to pay for another semester. When should we pull out the money to use for his education?


Dear Denise,

I wouldn’t touch the money until right before you write the checks. However, I don’t want you to follow my advice just because I said so. My mutual funds have made a little more than 16 percent this year. If they stay at that pace, or if they make just 10 percent...