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Zombie Liberals Strike Back!

PETERTIMBER Wrote: Oct 13, 2013 9:17 AM
What goes around comes around..The Roman Senate too busy will ill gotten gains of empire gave Caesar what Caesar wanted. They killed Caesar to restore the Republic of Rome but alas the Republic succumbed to dictatorships of the Emperors..Is this our fate?
What comes around goes around and PLANET X will arrive on our side of the solar system by the end of the year. We will experience increased volcanic activity as a result fulfilling Hopi Indian and Catholic church prophecy along with scientific conclusions as a result of the astral physics and conclusions....Sadly no one is talking about this apparently for sure event that will arrivre shortly...why not?
what comes around goes around......Boehner is on his way out with his loot in hand and good riddance to the spineless wonder that he is.
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Celebrity Silence on Syria

PETERTIMBER Wrote: Sep 13, 2013 10:36 AM
what goes around comes around but somehow not in Hollywood? Maybe because Hollywood is loopy and like the media still thinking that Democracy and Socialism have nothing in common but one word "EQUALITY". But notice the difference-while democracy seeks equality in LIBERTY, socialism seeks equality in RESTRAINT and SERVITUDE, Of course the inherent vice of capitalism is the UNEQUAL sharing of BLESSINGS while the inherent virtue of socialism is the EQUAL sharing of MISERIES
All Presidents require advisors (Jim Baker comes to mind as a true advisor with all its fully loaded intellect and capacity to help direct a President lead a nation like the USA. Unfortunately the President appears to be surrounded by a bunch of college lounge lizards, some with fraudulent degrees and pedigrees and others who are low competent who utter catch phrases and go home early
Just think illegals can collect social security from Mexico and the USA at the same time shipping free food to Mexico bodegas, ranches and homes using US Medical facilities and unemployment,welfare, benefits in both countries. This also applies to the Caribbean island nations, central America. ITS ALL FREE!!
we still don't know who is responsible for the gassing of that Damascus neighborhood since there are conflicting reports and further, the rebels captured an Assad armyh base with sarin gas shells in September, 2012 and had the same opportunity to shell that same neighborhood as Assad. The UN report is not in yet and loopy Kerry goes round and round repeating the mantra "ASSAD DID IT"...."ASSAD DID IT". Abruptly Russia recommended and Syria has now agreed to internationalize Syrian Gas reserves so that no further gassing of civilians will occur by either the rebels (for which there is some proof) or Assad (for which there is some proof). Kerry, of course wants "EVERY BIT OF GAS ACCOUNTED FOR WITHIN A WEEK" ...what else can he say since the plots and plans of the WH are being thwarted at every turn and OH MY! all that lost silence NOT coming out of Hollywood, Union organizations, Gurus of every stripe and used to be liberal loopy loud mouths in the media SILENCE against BOMBING SYRIA and WAR has to be undone and the volume turned up again.
The source for the Israel (USA support) natural gas is QUATAR and the source for Iran is Iran/Russia
Nobody wants to admit that the basics for all this Mideast nonsense is that there are two contending natural gas lines competing for supplying $$$$$$TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS$$$$$$$$ worth of gas to EUROPE for the next 100 years..The first pipeline is IRAN-IRAQ-SYRIA-TURKEY-EUROPE (Russia for extensions) and the other pipeline which is ISRAEL (USA support)-via Mediterranean Seaport-EUROPE. IT'S ALL ABOUT MONEY . I suspect SOROS is Chairman of the board for the USA /Israel faction.
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Obamanomics: Invest Elsewhere

PETERTIMBER Wrote: Sep 04, 2013 10:11 AM
Postscript: The natural gas pipelines will suuply Europe for the next 100 years and involve TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS for whoever's pipeline wins..............
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