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Romney Surrogate to CNN Host: Put an Obama Bumper Sticker on Your Forehead

PetermanHighcock Wrote: Aug 14, 2012 11:24 AM
O'Brien is parroting Dem talking points. What should be pointed out is that Dem projections are based (as usual) on what COULD or SHOULD happen (more participants = more money). Sununu's is playing games since he left out the part where the hospitals and providers AGREED to lose the money to RomneyObamacare. I'd say it is still fair game for Sununu to leave this part out since the Dems are just trying to scare the old people anyway. It's a shame though that an adult conversation with facts in context cannot be had about such a serious issue.
FlamingCapitalist Wrote: Aug 14, 2012 2:25 PM
Really? Every hospital and doctor in the nation agreed to give up a piece of their income that will add up to more than $700bn total? That's fascinating. I'd like to see that list of signatures.

From what I'm reading doctors are retiring early or even flat changing careers because of this disaster. They're getting the hell out of Dodge before they get hammered. And who in their right mind would want to spend 12 years in school and residency to become a doctor in this freaking trainwreck? It just doesn't make sense anymore.

CNN host Soledad O'Brien got a big dose of Romney surrogate and former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu this morning. When discussing the differences between Obama's gutting of Medicare and the Romney/Ryan plan for Medicare, Sununu told O'Brien to put an Obama bumper sticker on her forehead when she discusses the issue. Sununu obviously thought O'Brien was doing nothing but parroting Obamam campaign talking points on the subject.