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"while speedfreak was rimming those terrorists and helping them. pissant COWARD dont speak of the troops. you arent fit stay in the basement BOY" Frothy - I have never helped any muslems. Some people right here on TH have bragged about helping them though. hmmmm
Yosemite Sam comes to mind as well, Frothy.
Frothy - I actually think of you that way. It's a compliment.
JustMC - here's a hint think Internet click AD...
Yes, and the terrorists who took down the towers would have too. All of our troops worldwide could not stop them.
Par4- all you have to do is prove it. If I'm as a you say then you should be able to find plenty of examples. Now, back to you being a Paulinista: by your own hand you typed exactly what Ron Paul and libertarians stand for. It is their foundation. The one thing that you hate Ron Paul for is that you misunderstand his stance on using our military properly. This makes you a single issue voter. Since you want to be "kept safe" then you should vote for Obama. He's kept us safer than W did. I know you really want to vote for Lieberman but it doesn't look like that's happening.
So once again, you cannot. That's what I thought. I'll keep schooling you in that case.
If you Loyalists would provide clear evidence and facts to support many of your ramblings and flat-footed declarations it would make it easier for me to agree with you. It is rare that you actually do though. Then again, progressives don't rely much on facts, logic, and common sense. It's mostly about feeeeeelings.
Frothy is confused, JustMC. He often contradicts himself in the same post.
"i would call the pailistinians REMFs " Frothy the Foam Man "They don't even know what the means! LOL" - Par4 Par4 - Frothy's talking about you dum dum...
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