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I mean check out Frank Marshall Davis' legitimate kids' photos and Obama's: http://obamasrealfather.com/breaking_news004/
Lois- Frank Marshall Davis is Obama's daddy, don't you think? Obama doesn't look much like Obama Sr.
Obama nosejob? http://www.examiner.com/article/is-this-why-obama-refuses-to-release-his-medical-records?CID=obinsite
Plus - the Feds would have to beg the states for money and the states would have to agree to wars which is what the Congress is for.
Clinton was waiting for Obama to make the call...
"Peter, It would be more patriotic if we just burnt the money without allowing the Washingtonians to get their grubby hands on it. But by giving money domestically we just feed the walking parasites (I am talking about the political class and their cronies). So burning the money or fighting a worthless war would be better. At least we aren't contributing to our own destruction." JC - no. Keeping the money at the local/state level would be best. Hometown vs. Empire
"bwahahahaah you and your MASTERS aklways help them. " You actually helped Mrs. Muhamed and her terrorists sons, Frothy. How about that? hmmmm
Cartoon - i always ask them what's worse - sending money to foreign ingrates or giving money to American ingrates? I think it's more patriotic to give money to American ingrates.
Thanks for your service, Par4theCourse. Don't forget to vote for Obama. He's "kept us safe".
"while speedfreak was rimming those terrorists and helping them. pissant COWARD dont speak of the troops. you arent fit stay in the basement BOY" Frothy - I have never helped any muslems. Some people right here on TH have bragged about helping them though. hmmmm
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