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The Colbert Communist Bandstand

PeterDreier Wrote: Aug 13, 2012 3:38 AM
In his column, Bozell calls me a "Seeger-adorer." He's right. I think Seeger deserves the Nobel Peace Prize. Seeger is one of the people I profile in my new book, THE 100 GREATEST AMERICANS OF THE 20TH CENTURY: A SOCIAL JUSTICE HALL OF FAME, just published by Nation Book. Town Hall.Com readers will enjoy the book and learning about the progressives, reformers, and radicals who helped change the country, even if they don't agree that the changes were the "right" ones.

On Aug. 6, that pseudo-conservative satirist Stephen Colbert utterly failed to pretend to play a right-winger on TV. Colbert invited on "legendary" radical-left folk singer Pete Seeger and treated him with deep reverence.

"It's an honor to have you on. You are a living legend. You are a giant. It's like having Paul Bunyan or Johnny Appleseed on," he oozed. This is the same sultan of snark that exudes zero reverence for his allegedly Catholic beliefs, calling himself the "Pope of basic cable" as he has rudely joked that Cardinal Timothy Dolan uses Viagra and mocked Pope Benedict for...