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Fact-Free Liberals

Peter906 Wrote: Jan 21, 2014 9:43 AM
Dear Traitor, I think you have no facts to back up your statements. Christian hospitals do not have to perform abortions, unless they elect to. Christians churches do not have to perform gay marriages, unless they elect to. And there is no 'Islamic exemption' -- perhaps you've been to Colorado recently?
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In Defense of Inequality

Peter906 Wrote: Jan 20, 2014 5:30 PM
I find the reasoning in this article to be just bizarre -- essentially, Goodman just imputes ludicrous attitudes to his opponents. America's sharp inequality is a problem (we are more unequal than most other advanced democratic nations). America's lack of social mobility is a problem (we have less social class mobility than most other advanced democratic nations). Republicans basically do not care about either (or do not see either as a problem); democrats do, and are trying to increase economic security (e.g., Obamacare, so that sudden severe health problems will not backrupt you), opportunity and mobility (e.g., all sorts of educational opportunities), and taxes -- increasing capital gains taxes would be a good idea, because it would lessen the increase in income and wealth inequality in the US.
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What's Wrong With Inequality?

Peter906 Wrote: Jan 20, 2014 5:24 PM
Almost no person in the US thinks income or wealth equality is a practical political goal. Many do think that reducing inequality would help strengthen the US in many ways. Income (and wealth) inequality has been increasing since the Reagan tax cuts. Increase taxes on the rich, or increase earned income tax credits for the 99% who rely primarily on earned income. Note that the Eisenhower years -- remember the highest marginal tax rate then -- were years of economic, strategic, and democratic prosperity.
Surely, John, you don't want Marines fighting and dying for Ramadi and Fallujah all over again? Surely (well, maybe not) you don't believe that Obama (or the US in general) can impose its will on Iraq? Bush tried and failed. Obama is trying to get us out of a situation we cannot control. (Ditto Afghanistan.) What the US is paying for now is the ill-thought-out (no brains at all in the Bush administration) deposing of Saddam.
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Equality Versus Liberty

Peter906 Wrote: Jan 09, 2014 11:06 PM
As a leftist, I don't think the issue is liberty vs. equality. I think there are two issues. One, is our society adequately minimizing inequality of opportunity? Two, is our tax code set up in a way that does not impose drastic rates on anyone; and does not favor the rich and, if anything, favors the bottom 99%? Those are, I'd say, the questions that need to be answered. There will always be income inequality; that is a given. In a country like the US, there will always be liberty -- and Bill Gates is free, and would be free if he had a number of zeroes off his wealth.
Dear Mud, You are not serious in your metaphor that the country is a giant concentration camp, are you? Good grief, the Jews and others in Nazi concentration camps and those in the gulag would have loved to have our rights, freedom, and individual and social independence.
Kafir2 -- Well, the standard history is that a Republican think tank came up with it, and a Republican governor in Mass instituted it. But go beyond those facts (or ignore them). Obamacare relies on the market. It does not replace insurance companies, it uses them. It does not make Drs. work for the state, nor does it limit their income. It uses free market techniques from beginning to end -- including leaving people free to sign up or pay a tax. It is *very* Republican. or free market. That is why so many Dems don't like it, and why some want a single-payer system -- that would be the leftist version.
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The 'Trickle-Down' Lie

Peter906 Wrote: Jan 07, 2014 9:27 AM
don't be silly
But ... but ... but ... Certainly Jim3013 is wrong, and Hawkins probably is wrong, because there are countries in Europe that have prosperity, health, freedom, less inequality of income and wealth, and more class mobility than the US. Actually, on class mobility, readers of Townhall should note that Republicans are making it more difficult for the poor to get a college degree (more private colleges, which have awful graduation rates; and less aid for non-profit colleges and for state universities). So, while 84%who graduate may move up, fewer and fewer will graduate under Republican policies. And, of course, here in NC the schools are likely to get even worse, given Republican cuts of teachers' salaries.
I think this report misrepresents the Times article. I have not checked back, but I think the NYT said that there was organized terrorism, but no evidence it was by AQ, and some evidence that the organized terrorists were not very well organized. I think it also talked about the film as a triggering event or a catalyst, not as a cause. The article is, in fact, consistent with Hicks's testimony: the article says the US knew nothing of the uproar caused by the film. Please get facts straight.
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