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Before We Give Up, Could We At Least Try Selling Our Ideas?

Peter906 Wrote: Nov 13, 2012 4:43 PM
No, I would not sell my soul to appeal to anyone, and I would not change my moral or ethical stance in response to an election. But I would re-think my political stands. Certainly on voter-IDs, where the empirical evidence is in doubt (voter fraud? not much. ask GWB's commission.) Even abortion. Even if you think aborting a day-old fetus is murder, lots of people don't; you should not change your moral stance, but trying to impose your (religious, usually) morality on others here is politically unwise (not to say tyrannical: I no more want to live under Roman Catholic/evangelical interpretations of God's law than I want to live under Islamic Sharia law).
We conservatives may never reach a consensus among ourselves as to the main factors that caused our election defeat, but surely we can agree that we must do a better job of selling our ideas.

Never mind, you say. The electorate has irreversibly become a taker class, and conservative ideas of self-reliance, personal responsibility and individual liberties will never appeal to a majority again, especially with demographics working against the GOP.

We must reject that, or we are as good as surrendering. To accept it, we are confessing our skepticism of the power of ideas, which itself is contrary to the conservative spirit.