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He has so many people working for him and so much money that 82 grand is nothing and he would not have received it personally. I believe he is ill informed not ignorant.
Obama has been beating up congress as if the Republcans run the whole ship. If or when they finally do, dictatorship will gain public support. There is nothing more dangerous than a left wing lame-duck president. NOTHING! I would up the armed guards on the conservative justices of the Supreme Court.
We had a "computer crash" at work. Our back-up was corrupted. So the CFO came to me and gave me a list of percentages of how much information I needed back since the recovery percentage was priced from 20 to 95. I told him 95% was required, they paid the price and we got back 99% If i get audited by the IRS, I will claim a computer crash and see where it gets me. 3 Hots and a cot I would guess.
Well, it is better than his previous idea, forgiving student loans. They make is so easy to borrow money that can't be paid back with an overprice liberal arts degree. I am a parent paying my children''s loans since they cannot make ends meet. I wonder how the president and his a wife will pay their daughter's tuition? Maybe by executive fiat, as he does with everything else.
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5 key facts about shootings near campus

Peter820 Wrote: May 26, 2014 8:42 AM
The young man's father made a movie about young people killing each other in competition. Many of the movies today are about deranged young people on killing sprees. i.e. American Psycho. Maybe he should have expressed his anger in film, and then he would have been lauded. Also,the two things that will ruin a child are money and unsupervised time. Grant it he was 22, but he was most likely raised with money and little parental help. It is a sad testament to our society.
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