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this should not be an argument over religion. This is an argument about the foundational American right to freedom of speech and the corollary: being punished for exercising that right.
I don't care if people openly support Gay rights or any other idea. All I care about is that I can support any idea I choose without fear of being attacked.
In the last 30 years I have bought 10 cars. Not one was from Detroit!
When I heard about this disgraceful performance by Mozilla I immediately uninstalled Firefox from all three of my computers. While I have no problem with same-sex marriage, I don't like people who HATE people who don't agree with their points of view.
We've lost a battle or two, not the war! Each of us has to convince the ones who dropped out over the past couple of years that the Tea Party Movement is truly the best of and for the Nation and not the evil coalition the Left projects on us!
Back off guys and read the posting, it was meant to be funny, absurd, unrealistic, NEVER GONNA HAPPEN dumb!
It was tongue-in-cheek, sorry!
Changing the Republican Party is not the issue. Getting rid of corrupt Republican politicians along with corrupt Democratic politicians is what needs to happen. Tea Party members of the House received a great deal of criticism from both sides of the aisle for supporting the principles they espoused to get elected. They refused on many occasions to follow their leadership when they didn't support the vote they were being forced to make. That is why we send people to Congress and state legislatures, to represent us. If half the people in the country want a Nanny State and the other half don't then a stalemate is the correct outcome and that means Congress is impotent. An impotent Congress may be the best of outcomes.
yet they vote for liberal politicians!
The solution to the problems of the NYT is simple; why don't they see it. Editors should review every article written for fairness. If they see and prejudice, they should have the article changed. If they can't do it themselves than hire an arch conservative to work with an arch Liberal, they already have all the arch Liberals, to take all biased comments and terminology out of the articles, leaving, surprise, only news. The same team can ensure that both sides of every issue are equally represented in editorials. Finally, incentivize reporters with cash bonuses to find all the dirt they can on public figures, Conservative or Liberal, who are breaking the public trust. In about ten years of this behavior, they’ll be profitable again!
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