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The Invincible Lie: Part II

Peter424 Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 10:07 AM
Dr. Sowell's comments prove that principle that Liberals follow - "Don't confuse me with the facts. My mind is already made up!"
rauljg6 Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 10:15 AM
As he disingenuously tries to make it sound like Republicans only want to keep the current tax rates and not lower them even more. PLEASE
calrepublican only 3 of us Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 10:28 AM
what would you do with the money buy $16 muffins. add another 10 million to the welfare lines. Give few more billion to government pensions?
Raven7 Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 10:38 AM
Why do you keep coming back to this argument about tax cuts, like a dog coming back to its own vomit?

(1) That's not the topic of discussion.

(2) As a concept, I would not mind keeping more of that which I have earned.
aha40 Wrote: Jul 13, 2012 11:26 AM
If lowering taxes means more government revenue, what is your problem?

Editor's Note: This column is part II in a series. Part I can be found here.

Nothing produces more of a sense of the futility of facts than seeing someone in the mass media repeating some notion that has been refuted innumerable times over the years.

On July 9th, on CNN's program "The Situation Room" with Wolf Blitzer, commentator Gloria Borger discussed President Obama's plan to continue the temporary extension of the tax rates established under the Bush administration -- except for the top brackets, where Obama wanted the tax rates raised.

Ms. Borger said, "if you're going to lower the tax...