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That should REALLY show those rascals whats what! I bet they will hardly be able to contain themselves until the next election, when you and ? millions won't be there! Daffy Duck will be a shoe-in !
Malpractice ?? I am assuming there is a residency requirement for that office, so, she is not eligible for that office. Therefore she has been usurping the position, not unlike her President, and deserving of being immediately removed, if properly charged. Malpractice would seem too tame a term for her situation.
Bovine Excrement ! DC is property of the federal government, and as such is under the control of Congress, as mandated by the Constitution.
The 'city lawmakers'? Congress is the lawmaker for DC, as mandated by the Constitution, and they have no constitutional authority to pass that responsibility on to any other agency or organization...unless they make some up!
Many have already left on their own as the economy has dried many of the jobs up...or so the reports are.
By that same rediculous comparison, is there any 'legal' !
I may be wrong, but I think the National Guard is commanded by the Governor of each state. The President comes into play as commander only in times of national emergency, the Governor, however may be able to mobilize the Guard as needed. QUESTION: At the international border, where does the border of each state adjacent to it begin, after the US Border? Is it 10 feet, 1 foot, or coincident with the national border? This would seem to determine where state influence begins, or ends, too. If there are restrictions to states guarding the border, is that the US, or the state border? Maybe Gov Perry can bivouac the TNG on Texas land just inside the TX-MEX border, say 1 foot? Then, all the aliens who wish can congregate on that 'free' one foot strip of 'America', but, any who step, or get pushed over it into Texas will be "processed" and summarily be "escorted" back over the Texas line, or back into Mexico if they can find no room in America, literally?
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