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Obama Impeachment Almost Complete

Pete from CA Wrote: Mar 24, 2014 3:03 PM
Ms. Learner made a statement about her activities the first time she appeared before a congressional committee. She has waived her 5th amendment rights. She now should answer questions posed to her at further congressional hearings truthfully or be held in contempt of Congress. Contempt of Congress should be backed up by AUTOMATIC firing of any 'protected civil servant" -- and then all health and retirement benefits should be stripped. Such civil servants should also be permanently barred from working for any part of the Federal Government in any capacity for life. Since all civil servants have signed oaths to "protect and preserve" the Constitution of the United States, every one that had anything at all to do with processing these 501(c)(3) applications should suffer the same fate: discharge, strip of all benefits, deny all further right to work for the Federal government due to their violation of their basic oath of employment. That would get the bureaucracy's attention -- and we might then have plenty of whistle blowers showing up at Congress.
kdunipace Wrote: Mar 24, 2014 5:42 PM
@Pete...: I seem to keep losing this comment into the "cloud" so if you get multiple copies, I apologize.
The President is the only civil servant whose oath contains both "protect" and "preserve" (i.e. "preserve, protect and defend"), Other civil servants (and the military) say "support and defend". Either way both the President and many of our other civil servants have dishonored their vows to the extent they should be impeached. It's very unlikely any impeachment by the House would be confirmed by the Senate (sort of like Clinton) but there would be a lot of advantage to the public criticism represented by House an impeachment trial.