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Congress puts 'incentives' into many laws to get states to go along with the planned program. Indeed, at times, the 'incentives' have been found constitutionally lacking ... indeed, the incentives in the medicaid expansion part of the Obamacare program, was found to exceed a reasonableness standard and were struck down by the Supreme Court at the same time SCOTUS turned the mandate into a tax. Highway bills had incentives (withholding of funds) to get states to go along with a national 55 mph speed limit back in the 1970s when Government Policy and price controls had caused a gasoline shortage. Indeed, almost every bill that hands out taxpayer money from the Feds to the States includes various sorts of "incentives" to ensure that Congressional micromanagement is observed. Of course, when it came to the state exchanges, the Democrats did not expect the strong resistance to this latest power grab ... and never thought that 36 states would opt out of making an exchange -- even if it might cause a temporary hardship where the state's citizens would not qualify for subsidies. While one or two states would probably have quickly fallen into line... when 36 states opted out, that essentially kills Obama's "signature piece of legislation" and destroy's his "legacy." Oh, too bad....
I worked at a NASA facility. "End of year" money was the great honey pot. As different departments were closing out their budgets for the year, they'd "find" various sums not yet spent. Our division was very astute, and during the last quarter of the fiscal year, our division secretary would prepare draft purchase orders for all kinds of goodies (nice to have but not absolutely needed items) at a wide variety of price points ... so when another division would call as say, we have $3000, can you use it? -- our secretary would sort through the POs and find one for (say) $2973 -- a "match" was made, the proper account numbers were entered and off would go the P.O. ... Never saw anything like this in private industry. (I worked in management at a railroad previously.) Managers were praised and rewarded if they came in UNDER budget (and still delivered the required quality).
I've been telling people for years ... government does nothing well. That (little) that it seems to do well, costs many times what similar services might cost if delivered by private industry. Even the military, in recent years doing an excellent job even under lame-brained civilian management, is extremely inefficient with outlandish costs. I worked for a few years as a manager with a contractor providing services to a Federal agency. The inefficiencies and waste I saw were enormous. Even so, the outside vendors were often part of the problem (the convoluted contracting process causes the most competitive (and best quality of service) vendors out of the process -- it's easier for them to get private customers rather than spend (waste) time with the Government contracting process. Only the third rate vendors go to the effort to bid on the government needs... resulting in sub-par quality. The LESS government we have, the better off we'll all be. Every dollar spent on government takes money that could be more efficiently used by private industry.
Washington state is trapped by liberal votes that come from the near-continuous city that runs up the east side of Puget Sound. Most of the rest of Washington shares much of the same feelings as the center of the U.S. Unfortunately, we also have more than our fair share of RINOs and liars who claim one viewpoint during the election, then vote with what was supposed to have been their opposition. Example, in Clark County, the transit district board recently voted to support expenditure of $6 million toward planning a "bus rapid transit" project. This occurred after the electorate has twice defeated ballot proposals on the topic -- by wide margins. The transit district board is appointed/automatic with representatives from the county government, and the city councils of the various cities in the county. The city of Vancouver (WA) has a large contingent on the transit system board -- and most of the bus service is in Vancouver. The representative from one of the small cities supported the $6 million proposal and explained, "The folks in Vancouver might appreciate it." -- but it is ALL the taxpayers in Clark County who will PAY for the Bus Rapid Transit -- and it won't pass within 10 miles of anyone living in the city that gentleman supposedly represents. So, Patty Murray is more likely just one of many Washington politicians who are too dumb to know when to shut up.
The citizens of California have voted for Capital Punishment several times over the years. Courts find one or another problem with it ... and the citizens are forced to again approve of Capital Punishment. The elected representatives empowered to perform this penalty conspire with anti-death penalty lawyers to delay application of the penalty to the point where 900+ criminals are waiting on "death row" (which appears to be more and more like an old-folks rest home). Now they declare the delays as being "unconstitutional." Suggestion. Once a criminal is given the death penalty, transfer him to Texas and pay that state a fee to handle all further appeals and to handle the eventual execution. Once again, California would have a real death penalty.
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Environmental Pessimism

Pete from CA Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 6:39 PM
If the "greens" are so worried about the "end of the world" why don't they take active personal responsibility and end their lives? Then we could all muddle on (as humanity eventually will) without the constant braying of the Cassandras.
Your headline simply illustrates the point that the left is simply irrational. They do not "see" nor do they "hear" any criticism of their policies, no matter how bad they are or how poorly their policies may actually work in practice. This is to be expected. The left operates under the assumption that their ideas are "correct" and that any alternative ideas are categorically "wrong" because those ideas aren't acceptable within their narrow utopian viewpoint. However, in the end, reality eventually will bring the left down. Either the voters will toss 'em out of office or there will be a financial collapse that their policies will inevitably lead to. (it's all up to the voters and I'm pessimistic.) This does illustrate perfectly the conversation I've been having with my wife about "why doesn't the (insert name of office currently held by the left) understand the flaws and doesn't he/she want something that works? Of course, the answer is no. If the left actually used reason, instead of their false belief in an impossible utopia, then we wouldn't have so many bad policies dragging us down (toward oblivion). The bottom line is Plato vs. Aristotle ... and Plato is winning.
Wait until the re-counters "discover" boxes of uncounted ballots laying around in some precincts. That's how the Democrats regularly manage recounts and explains the "win" by several Democratic officeholders in several other states.
As a 'member' of the Tea Party, I'm sick and tired of Obama and Holder tossing out false claims of racism each time they're under criticism. I have NEVER seen one IOTA (not a smidgen, either) of racism at a Tea Party event or in Tea Party communications. That's not to say that there are no racists in the Tea Party or, for that matter, in the Democratic or Republican parties. Racists come in all colors and stripes, (including blacks) and are made up of people who unfairly associate some behavior to someone based on their racial group. It's ugly -- and Holder knows better but is using this claim as a political point -- having lost a great number of disappointed members of certain important voting blocks in the Democratic party, this is the Obama administration's efforts to "scare" those blocks in coming out to vote in the 2014 mid-terms. I suspect that there will be huge number of former Obama supporters who are more likely to stay home -- and Holder and Obama know this and are scared about it. What I do hate is statist, individual rights crushing laws and policy -- and this administration had been at the forefront of ignoring the constitution and of taking individual rights away from the citizens. Yes, I hate all those who are trying to move America more toward becoming a Euro-socialist "democracy." It only leads to economic stagnation and the creation of sizable unemployed underclasses. The end result of socialist policy is true "equality." That is, "equality" when we are all either stripped of our wealth and/or are dead. Indeed, the largest tragedies on the alter of "equality" are the more than 40 million dead due to implementation of various forms of socialism in Russia, China, southeast asia, North Korea, and Cuba along with several other latin American countries.
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Reality of the IRS Scandal

Pete from CA Wrote: Jul 13, 2014 3:03 PM
It's a HUGE scandal. Much bigger than Watergate. Most likely goes right to the Whitehouse, which is why so many emails are "lost" etc. Even without the Senate, the House is where spending bills originate. The house should drop these provisions into the next spending bill, preferably something that MUST PASS. (Like the $3.7 Billion request for the border mess that's yet another Obama scandal.) 1. The total IRS budget should be cut by 10% based on the current actual spending level (not some fake decrease that's really only a decrease of the increase). 2. All (repeat ALL) IRS managers should have their pay immediately cut by 20%. (No, they won't all quit -- you see, they're mostly not qualified for any other work.) This pay cut should also include a freeze on ALL IRS pay rates, with no increases for any reason allowed, even if the employee is promoted to another job (they can just retain their old pay rate) or if an employee "qualifies" for a time-related increase (some government jobs have automatic pay raises after various periods of time). Finally NO BONUS payments of any kind should be allowed. Further, all IRS employes should be "frozen" to the IRS -- with no promotions or transfers to other government agencies or departments. (Since slavery was abolished, IRS employees may quit -- but then they should be restricted to not be hired by any other Federal agency or department.) 3. Finally, any Federal Employee at any level who has been held in contempt of Congress (by a vote or either house) should be restricted from receiving any check from the U.S. Treasury (or other Federal government account) for any reason, including pension, sick leave, or medical insurance. That may get the attention of Ms. Lerner (who "retired") and Mr. Holder (who has arrogantly remained in office without disclosing his role in the "Fast & Furious" gun scandal)>
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