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Liberal Democrats Propose to Outlaw Gas-Powered Cars by 2040

Pete702 Wrote: Aug 08, 2013 12:39 PM
Some places charge you for charging, some give it away. There are usually only a copuple of charging stations, so it 10 people want to charge at the same time, a bunch are sol. Back in the day, there was a Sci Fi writer named Victor Appleton and his hero was Tom Swift. Tom built an electric car that could go a few miles and charge up in an hour or 2 off of the trolley lines. Not too safe. Now this book was one of my fathers and he was born in around 1910. If everyone went elec today, the grid would just fail. The system isn't designe for it. What about Steam? My uncles modified Stanley Steamer would cruise at 120 and would run on any burnable liquid and got 20 to 30 mph depending on the liquid. It did go through some water.