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Cuba Covering for North Korea?

Pete702 Wrote: Jul 18, 2013 8:17 AM
Amazing that a country full of 50's US cars that have been repaired and kept in prime condition without parts from the US can't fix their own airplanes and other stuff, THe Cubans are very creative and I can't believe this lie.

North Korea-Panama-Cuba: Panamanian authorities, supposedly searching for drugs, stopped the North Korean-flagged merchant ship Chong Chon Gang on its way from Cuba to the Panama Canal. They found obsolete surface-to-air missile parts and radars from the Vietnam War era under the cargo of 10,000 tons of sugar. The Panamanians have seized the ship for carrying undeclared military cargo and taken the crew into custody.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry confirmed that it shipped the equipment to North Korea. It said the ship was carrying 240 tons of obsolete defensive weapons - two anti-aircraft missile complexes, nine missiles in parts and spares,...