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We should also return to only property owners being able to vote. We are the ones with skin in the game. Both female and male property owners that is.
He is getting the same reactions from college students as Carter did in 1980. We could not get jobs, few were hiring. The only difference is that too many people didn't get it in 2012. His failures hadn't affected them, so they thought they were OK. The problem is that he delayed obamacare until AFTER he was up for re-election and is trying to do the same for 2014 and probably 2016.
You seem to be a dupe of the dem party. I agree that the bail outs started during the rep times, but the dems were in full agreement. We the people just pay the bill. They all need a good housecleaning as they all have gotten too complacent in their temporary jobs as politicians. Too many of them have been pols since college and they should get a new occupation well away from any government work. Maybe farming, or housekeeper or waiter, or even what you do as town fool.
It is really quite simple. Make the people making these decisions live in DC. Make them live in the east side, near the PG county line or maybe in the northern part, just south of College Park and they don't get armed guards.
She is probably worried that she may have an "Accident" with some obama supporter at fault. Look at the lady that did his "birth cert" that was the only one to die in a plane crash
Got to say, she is the only attactive dem woman I have seen lately. I did have a dem friend that ran for State legislature in FL, but she lost.
The problem is that they DO understand Psychology. They use it to get more votes and money for themselves.
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Florida Restaurants Add Obamacare Fee

Pete702 Wrote: Mar 03, 2014 7:48 AM
It would have been nice if the bastards in congress had at least READ the law before voting for it. They obviously are not clarvoiants or they would have known what the thing had in it before voting for it.
Why should he want them to get an education and learn how to read. If they did learn to read and write, they wouldn't vote for any democrat. The big plus is that deBlasio is that there will be more available to be his servants.
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Bottomless Brunches Banned in NYC

Pete702 Wrote: Feb 26, 2014 3:48 PM
Quite frankly, the champagne served in mimosas is way over rated. I worked at a Golf Country Club where the manager bragged that he only paid $1 per bottle. That was in the late 80's and I am sure that they are still getting it for not more than $2 per bottle. Oh, that would be sparkling wine.
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