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Michelle Malkin Destroys Juan Williams, Again

Pete696 Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 5:43 PM
Jaun is nothing more then a pretentious little puke. He sit there and smile just BHO thinking he really know more then anyone else. Sorry Jaun you need a glass navel to see. Malkin has more smarts in her little finger then Jaun in his whole body. Foxs pays him 2mil a year to act his stick. I can't beleive anbody could be so brain washed with out compensation for being a dipstick.

If you missed the last time Michelle Malkin debated Juan Williams, you can get up to speed here about how he called her "just a blogger." Last night on Hannity, Malkin took Williams to the woodshed again over President Obama's laundry list of lies and broken promises.