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Public Sector Union Promoting Romney's "Trash Man"

Pete629 Wrote: Oct 04, 2012 12:38 AM
Wonder if the "Trash Man" helped Socilaist Democrat operatives go through Romney's trash with a fine tooth comb while looking for some evidence of wrong doing! Hey look, a half-eaten apple showing how wasteful the Romney's are! That could have fed a starving child in Africa! Or how about this plastic bottle which was not properly recycled: they don't care about the environment!

AFSCME union, the nation's largest and fastest growing public sector union, has tracked down a sanitation worker or trash man named Richard Hayes. Hayes just so happens to be assigned to a route in La Jolla, California where Mitt Romney's home is. The union is trying portray Hayes as "Mitt Romney's trash man" when in reality, Hayes picks up the trash for an entire neighborhood in the City of San Diego and is paid by taxpayers.

Richard Hayes is a City of San Diego sanitation worker. His route includes Mitt Romney’s street in the La Jolla, Calif., community...