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So if the House has the power of the purse, just cut the amount of money being wasted from the budget and see what the administrators of these various agencies do? For crying out load, the republicans in the house need to GROW A PAIR!.
"Once again, we have learned of another crime gun connected to Fast and Furious. The Department did not provide any notice to the Congress or the public about this gun," the letter states. And Obama just found out by reading this in the paper. If this doesn't show how gullible he thinks the America, well,
Of course, crickets from NOW and the others in the feminist left.
I'll be the first to admit, that I know very little (nothing) about the rules governing the use of the military. Now with that being said, I thought the National Guard was under the control of the governor of each state.
Choom, choomin' away.
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Don't Scare Us, Prepare Us

Pete329 Wrote: Oct 10, 2014 12:10 PM
I wouldn't count on the Federal Government for any type of training or support whatsoever.
Their consultants have kids who are going to need college tuition, and the donor class wants cheap labor. Those of us in the country class don't stand a chance unless we band together and do something. I'm getting very discouraged with all the bad news regarding illegal (and yes it is illegal) immigration, ISIS, the IRS, etc, etc, etc. and our elected representatives failing to take action. The MSM is so in the tank for the leftist agenda that I just want to scream.
So how many infected, dying or dead will cause this guy to actually do what is best for the country? Will this result in some action on the part of the electorate? Probaby not.
The FBI can't/wont arrest them until they actuall do something dastardly here in the US. So much for prevention. I don't believe anything coming out of the 'ruling class' in Washington.
A vote forQuinn is a vote for more of the same. How's that hope & change working out for you Pat?
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