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Why do you even report on what this nutcase says. She is a total imbecile!
OK, so lying is permitted if you're a liberal. Why do you give this nutcase a forum. Shut her down.
So members of the religion of peace strike again. Maybe there ought to be a ban on axes. MOA - Mother's Against Axes.
No surprise. I would say that the republicans are also ignoring the will of the voters. Compromise my @$$.
This is what compromise looks like in divided government, which is what the American people decisively voted for. Sorry, but I disagree emphatically with Mr. Benson on this statement. American's DID NOT VOTE FOR nor want COMPROMISE. He and other Rino's should stop advocating for this approach. Republicans trounced the democrats in this election. While Obama may not have been on the ballot, every one of his policies were. They were categorically rejected by the people.
Unfortunately, I think you'll be pulling a Rip Van Winkle while you wait for a conservative moment.
No surprise here. And our congress will do nothing to get at the truth!
But if they don't fight, if House Republicans pass a long-term CR in the lame duck that enables Obama to walk all over them on everything, it will be a complete betrayal of the voters that just gave them their largest majority in history. What do you expect of our establishment republicans? These guys are going to fold like a cheap suit. No testicular fortitude among the bunch,
He's also reminding poll workers that by law, bilingual materials and proper assistance must be provided to people casting ballots. So I'm assuming here that bi-lingual means spanish and not polish, german, hungarian, russian, french or any other foreign language. How about ENGLISH? Isn't that the dominant language of the US (at least for the time being)
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