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Geez, I'm sorry. What a crock. Does this happen every time Mexican armed forces cross into the US? What the h&ll is going on here.
So if Issa buys this story and nothing happens (no surprise there), then maybe he should go the way of Eric Cantor.
Don't forget your hash tag. #Stop 'il'legal entry.
" . . .he said, he has instructed his national security team to come up with a list of “options” to help mitigate the bloodshed and instability in the region. . . " I know. A Hash Tag campaign.
When is enough going to enough? The MSM, Maxocrats and the Rino's just seem to what to roll over and let the 'one' have everything he wants for fear of being called racist. Geez. Only two more years to go. What (more) could go wrong?
Don't confuse this Rep with the facts. It will make her head hurt!
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House panel to investigate prisoner swap

Pete329 Wrote: Jun 10, 2014 9:38 AM
Oh yeah. Now something's really going to happen, Give me a break. The members of the house don't have any cojones. Obama gets away with another one.
This bum should be impeached, but unfortunately, congress doesn't have the cojones for it. Sad. In two more years we won't recognize this country.
An open letter to Congress . . . "STOP THIS GUY! NOW!.
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