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The World of All 8 O'clock Classes and No Cuts

Pete1215 Wrote: Jan 10, 2013 8:10 AM
Agreed, a professor who makes you want to be your best makes a world of difference. A professor of English Literature once asked me to provide a word for a poem he had written on the board. His response to the word I provided was, "That would work, but we want to SELL this poem." That was 30 years ago. And English was not my major (I am a software developer).

My undergraduate studies took place at Presbyterian College, a liberal arts school of about 1,000 students in Clinton, S.C. The town was so small that you had to leave it to find a McDonald's or go to a movie.

The campus was picturesque. Old, tall oak trees, brick buildings, a lawn where students played Frisbee and football, a girls' freshman dorm that had shared bathrooms in the hall and no air conditioning. When I started, I knew only one other student (the previous year's valedictorian from my high school), but I gained many lifelong friends along the way.

While the...