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So if they didn't live in your private gated comm you need to fire your rent-a-cop gate guard for incompetence & failure to do his/her assigned duties, ie Keep The Riffraff OUT. Something that should be done at the Fedlevel. Seems as tho we can never expect what we pay for @ any socioeconomic position in America any longer. Just wait to see what I wear when I move in next door, bro.
Pointless to you maybe, but AMERICAN to the rest of us
If she was living with her sister, she would have to pay the tax, can she legally marry her sister? Can she legally marry her brother? Not yet you say? She could/can marry any man she wants (who will agree, of course) "Do u think you have a shot @ Ryan Seacrest" good one
"Screw them & the horse they rode in on" Have you seen the face of the great American gun grabbers? Bloomberg & Feinstein? I'm not gay & I ain't that horney. And don't even think about touching anyones horse, I'm an animal lover (but not that kind) & a gun lover (yes THAT kind) And I will do more than "mildly resist"
The Church, like America has forgotten its first love. The Church has forgotten her foundation, Jesus. He advised repentance (eyesalve) otherwise He would remove its lampstand (Rev 3:18) America has forgotten her foundation, the Decaration of Independence & the Constitution, which was based on the Biblical principle of PERSONAL responsibility before God & man.
This journalists knowledge of the Bible is equivalent to his knowlege of what occurred in Benghazi.
Malachi 3:10 Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be MEAT in mine house Rev Rodney Francis 1:1 Bring ye tithes into the storehouse, that we be buyin toy guns, Obama will feed us
But then our (R) guys are a bunch of pu88ies, too
The male memmbers (if they still have them) of our (D) House & Senate are girly mans whereas fom the looks of our female (D) delegates, their tampons are misplaced Sorry Mom, I'm licking my personal bar of Lava as I type
I'm sure this has been noted, but since I proudly live in the state of CommieU Boulder, advisement # 5 If your life is in danger, passive resistance may be your best defense Reminds one of the quote by weather guy Tex Antoine 11/26/76 re RAPE. I wonder if the CU author of such good advise will suffer the same fate?
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Women in Combat: Felony Stupid

PersonhoodCO Wrote: Feb 18, 2013 1:15 AM
Most are looking at this in the short term, what will it do to the Military. I ask, what will it do to our future. Every combat infantryMAN has scars that they carry within themselves for a lifetime. We mask it, because that is the way a man is wired, women on the other hand must SHARE their feelings. My great hope is that America is better than this, to send our child bearers off to fight our wars, while we let our immature sons sit in the basement & play video games. I see fellow VN vets with cardboard signs on the corner @ Walmart 35 yrs after the fact, will our daughters be next? In my case it took almost 20yrs to get my head on straight, thats a long biological clock time. A woman trying to deal with stress & babies?
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