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She unfortunately was from the Boulder area of my state, was on every (D) House committee dealing with the Defense Dept, was the leader in feminizing (ie destroying)the US Military 35 yrs ago. Haven't heard from her for awhile, but I suspect she is best buds with Bradley/Chelsea Manning. And her name is Patricia Schroeder
And being Patsy Schroeder's bytch does not help
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3 Ways God Responds To Wicked Leaders

PersonhoodCO Wrote: Jun 22, 2014 10:47 AM
How much seed is needed to awaken the "church"? We have aborted an entire generation of Americans, with no end it sight. And the churches? Most are apostate
And lets not leave out the influence of good ole Uncle Frank
So who caught who with a WOMAN?
Jesus commanded His followers to go into all the world, they did & they "turned the world upside down" so that we in the 21st Century AD could play church inside the walls of whited sepulcres. While just down the street the world (Hollywood) is aborting 1.2 Million babies per year. Hollywood is interested in promoting a godless no limits lifestyle. Todays christianity is about having your best life now, if that means eliminating a tiny undeveloped mass of cells, its OK because because your [g]od forgives you & wants whats best for you. Even so come Lord Jesus, but until then we stand for You on the frontlines
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Biblical Bad-Asses: Elijah

PersonhoodCO Wrote: Mar 23, 2014 12:12 PM
Wolf in sheeps clothing, Joel Osteen, just enriched someone with $600 Thou recently. He fleeced his sheep, & some badass fleeced him, now hes crying to the Sherrif of Nottingham.
I KNOW with absolute accuracy where I'll be when I die, because of His promise of Jn 6:37 in that "him that cometh to Me, I will in no wise cast out" He claimed to be God, in Hebrews it states the immutablity that it is impossible for God to lie. So it comes down to the fact He is either liar lunatic or Lord. I choose Lord. He rewarded my faith in Him with the gift of His promised Comfortor, we recognise Him as the Holy Spirit, the engagement ring (if you will) of the promised wedding (in Heaven with Him), where He promised He would prepare a place for me. My presumption is in Him, not in me, Personally, I don't see what He sees in me, but I'm (as the song goes) standing on the PROMISES of GOD
I have lived by the Grace given to me by a merciful God by/through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, my only Hope. How about you?
Amen, brother. Jesus laid it on pretty heavy with what He called hypocrites in Luke 11. He ended with, "Woe unto you [all] for ye have taken away the key of knowledge; ye entered not in yourselves, & them that WERE entering in ye HINDERED (v52) Only a wolf promises immediate greener pastures (as long as you keep the plate overflowing)
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