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Questions for the Republican Party Establishment

PerplexedII Wrote: Dec 06, 2012 8:20 AM
The Republicans are blowing wind. Poll after poll showed the US rejected Obamacare by a 2/3rds margin. You'd think the republicans would defund it right? You'd be wrong. They funded it. Millions of people all aqround the country said they wanted the suicidal deficit spending to stop in DC back in 2010. In fact a whole new entity emerged "the Tea Party" to rally the people to stand up and fight this suicidal spending. You'd think the Republicans would cut spending with that kind of support. You'd be wrong. They, lowered the increase of spending (baseline budgeting scam) by a measly 2-3% in some of the departments and placed all the budget cuts on the back of the DOD and to top it off pushed out the day of reckoning till today!

Somehow both the Left and the Republican Party establishment are allowed to each go through life tip-toeing through the raindrops, with each rarely compelled to defend their indefensibles.

That has again been apparent on the Ruling Class Sunday Morning shows following the election, as RINO after RINO and Republicrat after Republicrat strolled in front of the cameras to say that unless Republicans become more like Democrats they just can’t win elections. Of course, all of this propaganda begs several follow-up questions that almost never get asked, which is why I will ask them here.

Questions like: