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Superb article, every paragraph, why I'm reading Charles everyday....
Exactly, this is really all about the devious and corrupt Progressive's Democrat Party, which was ethically challenged from its very inception, but since LBJ, has morphed into no less than a treasonous, radical left-wing criminal syndicate; and since the Clinton's, and now Obama, are allied solidly with the Ikhwan in both goals and style, with the objective of transforming America into a fascist collective; all the while, America's groveling, cowering MSM betray their fundamental professional (fiduciary) duty to report the objective truth for those Americans not about to abandon the Constitution and its sacred ideals.
Stop being successful so others will have a chance? You should be embarrassed just to think it, what a pathetic loser...
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Mark Your Calendar...Again

Perfected democrat Wrote: Dec 25, 2013 4:05 AM
Excellent article, Merry Christmas!
The term "malignant incompetence" perfectly defines the culture of the Democratic Party, on so many levels, not only "Obamacare"...
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