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Mark Your Calendar...Again

Perfected democrat Wrote: Dec 25, 2013 4:05 AM
Excellent article, Merry Christmas!
The term "malignant incompetence" perfectly defines the culture of the Democratic Party, on so many levels, not only "Obamacare"...
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Michelle Obama's $600 Earrings

Perfected democrat Wrote: Jul 15, 2013 7:12 AM
Putting lipstick on the proverbial pig, ho hum...
Thanks for the thought Kevin, but actually I'm a moderate Republican, heavy Tea Party and Conservatives sympathizer, not a Democrat (notice it's not capitalized); the moniker is just a takeoff on Ann Coulter's riff several years ago about being a "perfected Jew" (which I am also). I especially love Allen West and Michelle Bachmann, and several others (maybe I'm a Conservative and don't know it...--). A lot of people don't remember the incident, so they don't understand the context, and some don't appreciate my sense of humor either, oh well... Though I generally like Ann Coulter (actually a lot, especially her sense of humor), I thought she was a little tacky on that one, but hey, as they say, lot's of people screw up occasionally.
Screw the left-wing alliance with the islamo-nazis, I have nothing but contempt for your way of thinking, family is no excuse either; also; we work out too, Vinny..., but who cares, but dorks....
Vinnie, Jefferson's wisdom will prevail, stop embarrassing yourself...
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